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Budgerigars fill the skies above Queensland . Word from Queensland, Australia, has it that the skies around the far west town of Boulia are absolutely teeming with budgerigars, and tourists are streaming to the Australian Outback to witness the rare spectacle.
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation supports conservation efforts in Peru . From Chicago comes news that The Field Museum has received 409,416 euros (approximately $537,344 US dollars) from The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. This funding is to support of a three-year project to establish new conservation landscapes in Amazonian Peru.
Plans to Relax the Protection of Ring-necked Parakeets . Reports from UK national newspapers, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph, tell of plans by Natural England to relax the rules protecting Ring-necked Parakeets. Natural England has officially designated the bird as a pest under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, meaning it is legal to shoot it without a licence.
Yellow-crowned Kakariki released on Maungatautari Eco Island . From the Wildlife Extra News website, we learn that a pair of Yellow-crowned Kakariki have been released into the southern enclosure aviary on Maungatautari Island, New Zealand, signalling the start of a Kakariki breed-and-release programme.
ProAves Announces Eight New Ecological Easements . ProAves Colombia has recently announced the establishment of eight new ecological easements - protected strips of forest on coffee and cacao farms, which protect and conserve threatened flora and fauna, providing shade for the crops and a place for migratory birds, such as the Cerulean Warbler (Dendroica cerulea) to arrive.
Critical new protection for Magdalena rainforest and the Saffron-headed Parrot , ProAves Colombia has announced that six strategic private properties have been acquired from loggers, to double the size of the Paujil Nature Reserve, and protect an additional 3,356 acres of lowland tropical rainforest in the Magdalena valley of Colombia.
Parrots have lateralized brains too . According to recent research, it would appear that the division of labour in the brain, known as cerebral lateralization, is not unique to humans, and that in many animals, including parrots, the two sides of the brain are also responsible for different tasks.
Migration Path of Australia’s Rarest Bird Monitored , News reaches via an online report from The Age, of a monitoring programme which has been established to monitor the rare Orange-bellied Parrot on its migratory path through the Portland region of Australia. Each year, the entire population of Orange-bellied Parrots makes the perilous run across Bass Strait, from its breeding grounds in southern Tasmania
Loro Parque Conventions 2010 . The International Convention on the Conservation of Psittacidae - Science, Policy and Practice will take place in Tenerife between 20th and 22nd September next year, followed by the International Parrot Convention from 22nd to 25th September.
The World’s Smallest Parrot Filmed . The BBC Earth News website reports that the world's smallest parrot has been filmed in the wild for the first time.
Endangered Species to be Bred at UK Zoo . From the Norwich Evening News in the UK, we hear that the latest arrivals at the city's Banham Zoo are not only brilliantly colourful, but they are also an endangered species.
Wildlife Groups Test Parrot Deterrent on Cayman Islands . According to a report in the Caymanian Compass, a solution seems to have been found to the growing crisis of crop losses due to the Cayman Parrot's love of mangoes.

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