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A long-term partnership
By Neiva Guedes and Mariana de Moraes A long-term partnership, Toyota Brazil and the Hyacinth Macaw Project in the Pantanal By Neiva Guedes and Mariana de Moraes In the past two decades, we have observed how a relationship between a Japanese company and a conservation research project in Brazil has progressed - leading to an increase in the Hyacinth Macaw population, the creation of the Toyota Foundation in Brazil and the construction of a Center for Sustainability in 2010.
Making a Difference . “Making a Difference” recognizes and congratulates individuals, responsible eco-tourism companies, and organizations that have demonstrated true concern, definitive action, and altruism in the support of parrot conservation, field research, and welfare. Each issue will recognize ...
The Birth of The Oasis Sanctuary
By Gilly Lloyd , Oasis Sanctuary Foundation Ltd, more commonly known as The Oasis Sanctuary, was founded in 1997 as a life-care facility for exotic birds, primarily parrots. The Oasis was the first such facility given a 501(c) (3) designation by the IRS, enabling the sanctuary to function as a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization. Over the 13 plus years that it has been in existence, not only has it become widely known, but it is also a highly regarded facility in the United States.
Reducing the Trapping of Endangered Parrots
By Bonnie Zimmermann and Stewart Metz, MD , The root causes of parrot trapping are multifactorial. Despite this, there is a tendency, probably ill-placed, to focus overly on legal measures designed to reduce poaching. However, by the time parrots, cockatoos and lorikeets can be recovered from the authorities, their fate is practically sealed and is usually characterized either by death, or a lifetime of neglect, poor treatment and imprisonment in tiny cages.
The Lymington Foundation - Juquitiba, Sao Paulo, Brasil
By Bill Wittkoff , We fell in love with parrots in the last century (1998) when we got our first pair of Amazons for Christmas. Then fortune gave us an unsexed pair of Blue and Golds which, on being set up in a small apartment, decided to become prolific and give us 16 babies, one clutch after another. In 2000 we started to get serious, with the acquisition of a breeding license from the ministry of environment (IBAMA).
The Blue Macaws of São Francisco do Perigara
By Ana Maria Baretto and Pedro Scherer Neto . An interview with Ana Maria Barretto and Pedro Scherer Neto on an amazing project to protect the largest known population of Blue Macaws in Brazil
Dealing with the Intensity of an Emergency Rescue
By Tim Lacy , The Executive Director and Founder of the Healthipet Network Corporation in Anderson, Indiana, gives us an insight into the world of rescue and rehabilitation Rescue work of any type can be intense and stressful, but when an emergency rescue comes up, the intensity and stress level can often triple or even go beyond that.
Rainforest Expeditions - Nature is our passion . “Nature is our passion, sharing it is our commitment. We build sanctuaries that host unique experiences, engage local communities, and help hosts and guests learn to value their relation with the Earth.”

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