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Military Macaw Project
Project Description: In the 2002 when working in a territorial ordering, a population of Military macaws was discovered and we enjoyed 44 fliying macaws in freedom. The performance captived us and gave us the idea that we knew so little about them and its biology. They wake up the interest of communities in ecotouristic activities, and motivate us to initiate a research program, with the objetive ton obtain biological and ecological data, necesary to have a good management of the Military Macaw's habitat. As time goes by we studied about the population size, reproduction season and success, feeding sites and its ecological description, as well a method to diferentiate sexes in the field, with only measures of the head. Aditionally efforts have been made to generate educative materials for the communities, that enable them in the ecouturistic activities focused on Military macaws and others directed to children in order to create a conservation consience. In 2008, We star working in the coast of Jalisco, Mexico, were the major conservation trouble is the traffic of young poached from nests and the proyect is focus in get a smart link between research, conservation, ecotourism and Well-being for people that can generate remarkable results in the viability of this species.

Military Macaw Project

May 4th, 2009 Military Macaw Project     Military Macaw reproductive monitoring and nest protection in Banderas Bay, Jalisco M. Sc. Carlos R. Bonilla Ruz M. Sc. Claudia Cristina Cinta Magallón  

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