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The Benefits of Fresh Juices
By Leslie Morán , Whether your parrot is curious about new foods, or highly suspicious, introducing fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be fun and have health enriching benefits for the whole family. The primary reason to juice fresh fruits and vegetables is that juicing makes the rich array of nutrients which are present in the foods, readily available for digestion, and they are easily absorbed by the body. It has been estimated that people can assimilate fresh fruit and vegetable juices in 20 to 30 minutes.
Intuitive Parrot Feeding
By Gudrun Maybaum , Between all the different diets that we can find these days, there is one called intuitive eating. It teaches us how to get in touch with our body and recognize the messages it gives us.
Feeding Your Bird the Best Nutrition Available
By Leslie Morán , When you think about the variety of foods you can select from when feeding the parrots under your care, what criteria direct the choices you make? Do you want to choose foods that will help improve their health and prevent illness and disease?
Nutrition in Field and Aviary
By Rosemary Low . This presentation was made by Rosemary Low to the 2008 Parrots International Symposium. It deals with foods eaten by parrots in the neotropics - the Caribbean and South and Central America - and shows that ...

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