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Save the World’s Parrots - Video and Narration by Peter Odekerken
By Marie Stafford . Peter exhibits a truly professional and outstanding collection of video footage featuring parrots in the wild. This video is well balanced, with beautiful clips, information and mapped areas of his travels. It is a wonderful documentary, to be shared and enjoyed with the entire family. I would love to see more video, photos, and listen to stories of his adventures.
Book Review - Go West for Parrots! A South American Odyssey
By Marie Stafford . image-go-west-for-parrots-no-caption1 A definite must-read for “parrot lovers”, prospective travelers, and those arm chair travelers who would like to escape and travel vicariously through the author’s descriptive accounts of her South American birding adventures. Over the past 30 years Rosemary Low has traveled to numerous countries, pursuing her life’s passion for parrots, and appreciation for nature.
Alex & Me Book Review
By Leah Lemieux , Alex & Me is the remarkable account of scientist Irene Pepperberg and her unusual colleague, an irascible African Grey parrot called Alex. Together this unlikely pair of pioneers opened an amazing window of discovery into the incredible capabilities of the avian mind.
A New Book from Rosemary Low . In Go West for Parrots - a South American Odyssey, Rosemary chronicles her journeys to the neotropics over 33 years, which started in 1975.
Edward Lear’s Parrots . Edward Lear may be best known for his nonsense verse, but in his early years he excelled as an illustrator of birds and reptiles.

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