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Pennies4Parrots weekend Challenge at the Canadian Parrot Conference


Baby Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot

The Canadian Parrot Conference organizes an annual Pennies4Parrots Challenge each year encouraging parrot clubs, pet stores and other organizations to collect pennies and coins for a year to be donated to a specific parrot conservation effort. The group that raises the most funds wins a prize at the end of the year.

At this year’s conference event, it was decided to add a WEEKEND Pennies4Parrots Challenge to help the baby Amazon Parrots in Brazil. It was amazing to see many individuals empty their spare change into the jars that were made available during the weekend. Some big hearted individuals even donated bills. The end result will provide a total of $506.28 to help these young parrots.

We want to thank the Canadian Parrot Conference for organizing this weekend challenge and give a special thank you to everyone who generously donated their spare change and cash.


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