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517 Amazons Thank You!


An update on the status of the chicks rescued and intercepted from illegal traffic 

Thank you for your generous donation to save the baby Amazons. The hand feeding formula from Hagen Inc, has arrived and the babies are doing fantanstic. The babies are happy, with full crops, and a brite future.

Again, thank you for joining the Parrots International team to help

“Make A Difference”

To keep up with the growing chicks we will acquire an additional 750 pounds of hand feeding formula from a supplier in Brazil.

If you or your friends would like to donate for the rehab and release of the chicks to the wild! ….please help or forward the donation link below.

Here is a new photo of the flock of 517 lucky Blue-fronted Amazon chicks (Amazona aestiva) and Yellow-faced Amazon chicks (Amazona xanthops).

A team of volunteers trained by Kilma is hand feeding the chicks on regular intervals 24 hours a day…. a truly amazing undertaking. Kilma has trained the volunteers in the proper nutrition and hand feeding technique. The team is monitoring the health of each chick…every chick is special.

We need YOUR HELP!

We need donations

  • to prepare the chicks fly free
  • to cover the costs of rehabilitation
  • and release training.

The chicks deserve their chance to fly and fulfill their lives in the wild.

Your donation will help “Make a difference”.











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