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Amazon chicks confiscated from “traffic” in Brazil


This week Parrots International responded to the confiscation of 517 Amazon parrot chicks from illegal traffic/smugglers in Pernambuco, Brazil. The intercepted shipment is mostly Blue-fronted Amazon chicks (Amazona aestiva) and Yellow-faced Amazon chicks (Amazona xanthops), and a few smaller parakeet chicks.The chicks are now safely in Recife, Brazil with Kilma Manso, a Parrots International collaborator. Kilma, a “wildlife traffic” officer with IBAMA (the Brazilian equivalent of the Fish and Wildlife Department) is dedicating her days to providing food, medicine, and care for the chicks. Kilma is known for her work with the Lear’s Macaws as our project leader for the Parrots International Lear’s Macaw Project.

We need your help! Help save the chicks.Parrots International is thankful that Mark Hagen, of Hagen Inc. immediately responded with a donation of 500 lbs of Hagen Tropican Hand Feeding Formula. The first shipment of Tropican was sent FedEx overnight to Recife, with shipments following by ground.A team of volunteers trained by Kilma is hand feeding over 500 chicks on regular intervals 24 hours a day…. a truly amazing undertaking. Kilma has trained the volunteers in the proper nutrition, hand feeding technique and the proper use of the syringes. The team is monitoring the health of each chick…every chick is special.

We need donations to help save the chicks - to cover the costs of shipping, the costs of additional hand feeding formula, hand feeding equipment, and rehabilitation and release training. The chicks deserve their chance to fly and fulfill their lives in the wild. Your donation will help “Make a difference”.

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