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Funding for Aerial Telemetry

Project update: Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Message from Mark Stafford to Jaime Jiminez,
Hello Jaime,


Nathalie and Suzan © Photo CPC Colin Fetter

Nathalie and Suzan, our Canadian Parrots International’s volunteers have offered to assist with the cost of the aerial telemetry. They will donate $750 for aerial telemetry. PI will also donate an additional $250 for aerial telemetry. Therefore we will have the installation costs and early flight costs funded.

Please thank Mr José Véliz and Mr Fernando Mujica for their gracious donations to the project. It is great to have them involved.

All the best,

Mark Stafford

Jaime’s response:

This is a great new!!! I deeply appreciate the many efforts that Parrots International is making to help solving the logistical problems of studying the Slender-Billed Parakeets! Thanks also to Nathalie and Suzan to be behind these efforts!!

I will go ahead and contact the engineer to go ahead!!


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