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Early Start for the “Iguaca”

Project update: Monday, 17 January 2011

2010 was a great year for the Puerto Rican Amazon and we are working very hard to make 2011 breeding season even better.  The breeding season for this species is usually between Jan.-Feb. until May-June depending on how early or how late the females start laying eggs.  In the history of the Luquillo Aviary the earliest a female have laid eggs was several years ago on a Dec. 24th.  But she was the only which laid eggs so early.  Then last breeding season (2010) one female start laying eggs as early as Dec. 22 even thou all her eggs were infertile.  Well this season we had several records already.  The first female that starts laying eggs began as early as Dec. 08.  Furthermore, four other females followed her. So we already have five active nesting cavities at the aviary.  As of these short lines we have over 18 eggs, which is another record for the program in such an early date.  To make it even better, over five of such eggs already proven to be fertile.  Furthermore, the first egg hatches as early as Jan. 9 of 2011.  A great birthday gift because that was the same day I was born.  That was another record for the program because the earliest we have produced a hatchling was many years ago, at the old facilities, on a Jan 31st and only one female was laying eggs at the time.  This is just the beginning, 2011 is going to be awesome on behalf of the species.

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