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Start of nesting season: From the field 6-15-2010

Project update: Tuesday, 15 June 2010

This season we found our first active Abaco parrot nest on May 21st. It was a slow start, as usual, but within the past two weeks we have found over 40 active nests in S. Abaco. We are still looking for more but have had to begin to reduce the amount of effort in search so that we can keep up with checking all of these active nests. So why are we doing all of this? Part of it is to see if some of the management efforts that BNT and FOE have implemented are actually benefiting the parrots, particularly predator control. All I have to say is, so far so good. Another reason is that I am trying to look at the importance of social behavior or social interactions between parrot individuals but more on that some other time. I have a fantastic group of students from Florida State University helping me this summer. As soon as I get pictures of them in the field or some other awkward situation I will post them. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another good season, hopefully without any hurricanes.

I have started an adopt a parrot nest program through PI. This program will provide the adoptee periodic updates throughout the nesting field season on a particular nest. The Amazona Societies of the US and UK have participated this year and below are the updates on their nests. Thank you to them for supporting the project.

Amazona Society (US) BPA0305
As a part of the Adopt a Parrot Nest program, you will be receiving period updates on the progress of your nest. This year your Abaco parrot nest is BPA0305. This nest was first found in 2005 and has been reused every year since. This limestone nest has a fairly large opening allowing a clear view of the female inside (Picture 1). The pair has returned to the nest this year and started cleaning inside and around the cavity up until May 30th when incubation of eggs began. We returned to BPA0305 on June 3rd to find the mother off the nest and being groomed by the male. This allowed us an opportunity to see two sparkling white eggs. On June 9th the nest was revisited and this time the mother was incubating the eggs. Two weeks into nesting, BPA 0305 is doing well and we will continue to keep you updated. Thank you for supporting the program.


Amazona Society (UK) BPA0922
As a part of the Adopt a Parrot Nest program, you will be receiving period updates on the progress of your nest. This year your Abaco parrot nest is BPA0922. This nest was first found during the 2009 breeding season and fledged three chicks. This year we first went back to the nest on May 27th and found it already active. During this first visit we found 2 eggs in the nest and the parents close by. During the second visit on May 30th we observed the nest for few hours to make sure the eggs were being incubated. Once the female left the nest to get her dinner, we found that there was and additional egg from the time before. So now we know the nest has at least three eggs, which are being incubated. Our visits on June 2nd and 9th showed the female incubating.

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