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Nest 22

Project update: Tuesday, 9 February 2010

After the rain stopped, we went to Chahuilco again this afternoon to check the nests and do some telemetry. We checked nest 22 and at our surprise the chicks were still in the nest, so we had our last chances of capturing the adult. This is the last nest at Silvia Hott farm, our most productive site so far. We set up the trap and after ca 4 hrs of waiting (and doing some telemetry work) we managed to trap it. The choroy took 42 min to get out of the cavity. The bird was well entangled in the net and looked impossible to escape. As Gemma was ready to grab it, it escaped towards the inside of the nest!!! Quite disappointing!!! We have been trying to catch this bird for about a week with no luck. We will try tomorrow again.

Enicognathusleptorhynchus SHott N21 JJ 09Feb10 (2)_sm

Adult trapped in the net

Enicognathusleptorhynchus SHott N21 JJ 09Feb10 (6)_sm

Gemma at nest 22

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