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We are in the mid of the parrot breeding season!

Project update: Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sadly, Magdalena left today. Thanks Magdalena, we deeply appreciate your time and effort! We did a great and intensive work together during December. She was incredible determined. Yesterday, with no mercy she climbed 9 trees at 3 different sites!! We also found a new nest yesterday, and could not find the entrance of another known nest from last year (yes, it happens!!). She might come back in March for telemetry as she got in love with the chicks!

On January 2nd Francisca (Universidad Santo Tomás) will arrive; then on the 3rd Samuel (Universidad Austral) will join the team! Gemma (UK), another heavy duty workhorse since November, will join us again by the January 6th or 7th (she deserves to celebrate her boyfriend’s Pablo birthday away from the rain!). Yes, the local weather has been bad. During the last weeks we have had several really rainy days. We expect Tom to arrive on the 10th and then Arelis will come on the 23rd. It is too bad that Mark and Marie will not be able to come during this season. Last season Mark was the man with the record number of climbs!

Ana is also coming along with the writing of her thesis on the SBP. We hope that she will defend soon.

I have the chance of using 3 camera traps on the SBP nests. This would tell us on the activity, timing, etc. of nest provisioning by the parents, and perhaps, timing when the chicks left their nests and the sequence. This opens a new window of opportunities for answering difficult questions with the parrots.

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