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Parrot parental care - Watch this amazing video!!!

Project update: Tuesday, 24 November 2009

During the past two months, Vandir, Veronica, Thyago and I have been monitoring a nest of blue-fronted Amazon with a microcamera in Pantanal. And now we share with you this fantastic video (link below), which is the first video recorded of the parental care inside the nest of blue-fronted Amazons!

It took us about 110 hours of observations and filming in the nest, plus some more filming of the tree cavity with a regular camera. We registered the parental care with their 4 eggs, and later, with their 3 nestlings (unfortunately one egg did not hatch). The female has always been very careful, feeding and keeping the nestling warm. The male, always very attentive with the female, fed her on her beak, and helped to feed the nestlings.

Parrots are very faithful with their partner, having a life-long relationship! In the reproductive season, their main duty is to defend the nest against intruder parrots and other animals.In this video you will see the three nestlings, with about 32 to 39 days of age, asking for food, and being fed by their mother.

To be able to film the nest, and watch the eggs hatch and the nestling grow, is a very special and emotional moment for our team! And we are happy to be able to share with you this unique experience!


Glaucia Seixas

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