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News from the south

Project update: Monday, 16 November 2009

We have been climbing pellines during the past week. Working great with Gemma French (UK) and her boyfriend Pablo (Chile). The other 4 Chilean students will join the team in December. The birds already start laying with a few surprises.

We are planning to climb INIA nest and the marked egg nest every 3-4 days to monitor the cycle.

A couple of nests that have no eggs yet. It has been extremely difficult to find new nests. We have 5-7 nests at Los Negros (a few nest we still have to check), another poached farm.

Very little seed crop (hardly any) in the landscape and many pellines still with no leaves (many dead?).

Are you aware of Masello et al papers on burrowing conures from Argentina? They have documented marked productive cycles according to El Niño events.

We badly need the slingpole (and a small camera) as we spend many hours throwing the lead. Up to now we have left a twine line in all climbed trees, which makes it much easier to recheck the nest. We hope that Tom can send it once he can.

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