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Additional Cause to Rejoice on Palm Sunday


Pro-Aves Colombia is celebrating the success of its campaign to protect the Wax Palm and the Yellow-eared Parrot which is dependent on this endangered tree for its food, for nesting and for roosting.

In the past, the fronds of the Wax Palm have been stripped from the branches by the people of Colombia for their Palm Sunday celebrations. This year, environmental authorities and the police reported that no Wax Palm fronds were seen during the processions at important sites where both the palms and the parrots are to be found. This is largely the result of 10 years’ work by Pro-Aves staff, supported by Fundación Loro Parque, to substitute ballons for palm fronds in local villages.

Parrots International has supported Pro-Aves with funding in both 2008 and 2009, to help with the acquisition of the Yellow-eared Parrot Reserve.


Yellow-eared Parrots at roost in a wax palm © M Stafford

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