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CPC Director’s Volunteering in Chile

Project update: Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Note for Jaime Jiminez from Mark Stafford

Hope all is well in Southern Chile. I have just returned from the Canadian Parrot Conference in Guelph, Canada, where I had the pleasure of meeting Nathalie Lemieux and Suzan Payne.


Nathalie and Suzan

Nathalie and Suzan are interested in the potential volunteer opportunities with the newly launched Slender-billed Conure project. I explained both Nathalie and Suzan that we are accepting volunteers and that volunteers would cover their own airfare, food and lodging costs.

Nathalie and Suzan are the co-chairpersons that organized the entire Canadian Parrot Conference. Marie and I have agreed to return to the field in Osorno for a week in February 2009 to introduce Nathalie and Suzan to the project personally. Therefore, the four of us would essentially be an entire field team.

The field visit would be the week of February 16, 2009. Hopefully the Slender-billed Conures will be close to fledging that week and we can work to climb nests and attach radio collars. Nathalie also has field experience with mist nets and is a veterinary technician at the University of Guelph Veterinary College. Suzan has personal experience handling parrots.

Although we would be in the field for only a few days, I am confident this team can make a difference.

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