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Review of Parrots International Symposium 2009

The Parrots International 2009 Symposium was unsurpassed - ranking right up at the top of some of the best avian related functions I have attended.

The "M" Resort Hotel

Congratulations to the Slender-billed Conure Project and Ana Bertoldi
Monday, 4 May, 2009 – 10:32

Great news for Ana Bertoldi, the Master Student from the Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile, who was the lead research student on the Parrots International supported Slender-billed Conure Project.

Protecting key habitat for the Fuertes Parrot

Fuertes Parrot © ProAves Colombia
A news release from ProAves announces ongoing protection for the key habitat of the Fuertes Parrot.
The Municipality of Génova, Department of Quindío, and ProAves have recently celebrated an agreement …

Successful hatching of three Spix’s Macaws at AWWP, Qatar
Sunday, 3 May, 2009 – 5:12

It looks like being a good year for the Spix’s Macaw. News reaches us from the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, in the Arabian Gulf State of Qatar, of the recent successful hatching of five …

AWWP Secures Important Spix’s Macaw Habitat

After seven months of negotiations and navigating legal minefields, the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP), owned and founded by H. E. Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohd. Bin Ali Al-Thani, is proud to announce the purchase of …

Discovery of male Kakapo raises hopes for the future of the species

A recent item on the Arkive website ( announced the discovery of a male Kakapo (Strigops habroptila) more than 20 years after it was last seen.

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